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Comprehensive IBM SPSS Statistics system facilitates in‑depth analyses. Clear tables and charts make reading results intuitive. You can explain emergent trends better by presenting the sales process in an impressive form of e.g. dashboards.

At last! You can combine creation of result objects with clear presentation in the report. Creator of the report is free to set format, layout, background, or add comments to objects. Completed report can be published on our portal as a webpage or as one of available popular document formats.

It allows you to store knowledge on various areas of interest, subjects, or projects in one place that is accessible to everyone. This speeds up the process of sharing with authorised recipients. Easy access to in-depth information available in an attractive form streamlines the decision‑making process.

PS IMAGO PRO functionalities, such as operations on the report, global values, monotonic recoding or predictor selection by CHAID, are interesting suggestions, which will certainly soon find application in the work of many analysts.

In my opinion, PS IMAGO PRO is a long‑awaited tool for users of IBM SPSS Statistics. It offers to the analyst the opportunity to present the results in an attractive and clear manner. One of the key utilities is sharing the reports through a web browser.

PS IMAGO PRO aims to shorten the path between data analysis and the publication of results. [...] Particular attention should be given to the introduction of features that allow to modify the structure of the report from the syntax level. This makes each report easier to read without having to manually remove the unnecessary elements.

This tool seems to be a great option for persons managing companies or institutions, making decisions on the basis of up‑to‑date indicators and reports delivered them.

Who uses analytical reporting?

Sales report is one of my core tools. I use it to assess sales volume and structure and my team.

My report

With information about co-ownerships of products I can make accurate recommendations of products or services to my Customers.

My report

Customers are selected for a campaign by the optimum model. It is my job to pick the best one.

My report

Identification of factors that influence customer satisfaction is the key to retention.

My report

Sales Report

Sales performance analysis is the key method of verifying effectiveness of the Sales Department. Thanks to thresholds assigned to my sales people, I can easily assess regions that do a good job and the ones that need my support. The available sales structure, such as sum, median, variation, and scattering provides thorough knowledge that is easily accessible and facilitates decision making. I appreciate that with PS IMAGO PRO my periodic results are up to date and available via our corporate website.

Published report

Possession of Products Report

Thanks to co-ownership analysis results I can set guidelines for add-on actions based on customer basket. Analyses produce segments with customers of slightly different needs that require actions that are suitably adjusted. Additionally, analyses provide information on the ways our products are used. It is comprehensive knowledge for activation campaigns. PS IMAGO PRO is a tool I can use to translate analytical knowledge to business decision makers.

Published report

Model Evaluation

Selection of the target group is part of the process of setting up a direct marketing campaign. The selection is made using models which I build, basing on historical data. Before we implement a model it is important to verify its effectiveness of target selection. Quick access to comparative data on model effectiveness facilitates selecting the optimum solution. Clear presentation of a number of statistics and analyses in PS IMAGO PRO facilitates making the right choice.

When preparing a model for a campaign, I have to take many variables into consideration and identify the best suited one. When I implement it for production, the manager has the group for the campaign.

Published report

Customer Loyalty Report

My report is aimed to summarise customer loyalty with Net Promoter Score in a given period. It keeps me to be up to date with the current state of affairs and changes of historical data. Individual pages provide information about customer satisfaction in regions and factors that influence customer satisfaction.

Published report

New quality of analysis and reporting for business

Access to multiple analytical techniques and data management tools provides new features of reporting tools.


Build an independent report in your corporate standard. Select the right document format for the publication method of your choice and create your own report style.


Make analytical content available to authorised recipients. You may create a distribution environment for your own reports or for the whole company.


Constant access to up-to-date information facilitates decision making and speeds actions and responses to change while building company's competitive edge.


IBM SPSS Statistics + PS IMAGO Pack PRO

IBM SPSS Statistics is a proven and powerful tool for quantitative data analysis. A number of modules offer numerous techniques for tasks such as descriptive analysis, prognosis and prediction, and classification and grouping. 31 additional procedures of PS IMAGO Pack PRO greatly enhance functionality of IBM SPSS Statistics. They offer data set management, variable transformation, and variable dependency analysis methods that were unavailable until today. Apart from new techniques, PS IMAGO Pack PRO provides a number of new types of result visualisation methods e.g. dashboards or juxtaposed charts.

PS IMAGO Designer

With result objects of analyses made using IBM SPSS Statistics the creator of the report will finally be able to prepare information adjusted to the needs of the recipient with ease. Some definable elements of the report are: layout, structure and navigation, style, appearance, format, and description and comments to objects. It enables you to prepare the report as per your corporate standard. Finished report may be published on company website, corporate portal or simply sent as a PDF to selected people depending on the form you chose.


Analytical reporting does not end when the report is completed. Its publication and distribution to authorised users is just as important. It would be an excellent solution for an organisation to create one place where results could be presented and published and vital business information gathered. This is Portal in essence. Users can publish reports, create groups and authorise recipients using the Portal. Reports kept in the repository are organised in catalogues whose structure may reflect e.g. the organisational structure of the company or its business goals.

PS IMAGO Process

Uninterrupted access to information that is up to date is the key for efficient operation of any business. It pertains not only to reproducible reports. It often happens in the case of ad hoc reports that published documents differ in terms of data only. Until today, updating such a report meant generating and exporting objects in IBM SPSS Statistics from the scratch. The new feature automates the process of updating and publishing ad hoc and periodic (e.g. quarterly) reports.

About Predictive Solutions

Predictive Solutions (formerly known as SPSS Polska) has been providing solutions for extracting information from data for 25 years. It offers knowledge and experience together with software and comprehensive solutions for efficient data analysis in business, public administration, research, and education.

The solutions use IBM SPSS technologies, whose main distributor in Poland, since 1991, is Predictive Solutions. Dedicated solutions for selected business areas: anti-money laundering (PS AML), customer relationship management (PS ACRM), fraud prevention (PS FRAUD), and others were created based on these technologies. The company also provides original solutions, such as: comprehensive analytic and reporting platform - PS IMAGO PRO and case management system (PS SYMOBIS).

From statistics and reporting, to data mining and predictive solutions, Predictive Solutions helps you use your data to look into the future and make the best decisions.

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