Dashboard ; Var1 = Personal loan
Most common rules in the Next Best Offer model
Contingency map ; Consequent = Fixed deposit (EUR)
5 most commonly used rules recommending the presentation of the offer for EUR fixed deposite, differentiation of antecedent by color according to the probability of occurrence of the consequent under the condition of occurrence of the antecedent. Confidence indicates the probability of occurrence of the consequent, provided all antecedents are present.
Most common co-occuring products (TOP 7)
The percentage shown should be interpreted as follows: "73% of customers with a payment card also have a fixed deposit".

The meter showing ownership the product.

The graph shows the percentage of customers who own this product.

Ownership (% customers)
ROKMIES ; Var1 = Savings account

The meter showing use of products by customers.

The graph shows the percentage of customers who use this product. The base is everybody who owns the product.

The meter is scaled from 0% to 100%.

Use (% owners)
ACTIVE PRODUCTS ; IND_NUM_REK = Fixed deposit (currency)
Dashboard ; IND_NUM_REK = Fixed deposit

Fixed deposite (FD EUR): Co-occurence

Basic information about term deposit ownership, activity levels, co-occuring products, and rules used in the NBO model.