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PS IMAGO PRO provides analysts with a central platform for information processing for his/her institution. This is a perfect tool for data analysis, unhampered report design and publication. PS IMAGO PRO provides up-to-date information via ad hoc or periodic reports meaning that knowledge derived from the data may be rapidly distributed among authorized users through an internet browser.

New release of comprehensive analysis and reporting solution, PS IMAGO PRO 4 are available now! Among the new features worth mentioning are:

New version of analytical engine
IBM SPSS Statistics 24

Custom Tables refresh:
• display significance values for column means and column proportions tests,
• display confidence intervals and standard errors for most of summary statistics,
• use a variable that represents adjustment weights to determine effective base weight.

New custom dialog builder:
• create dialogs in new custom dialog builder using new features, such as tabs, conditional content, controls for colors, dates or passwords, enable creation of more advanced dialog windows for custom procedures.

Useful improvements:
• Python 3 – select whether your Python code will be executed using Python 3 or Python 2.7,
• facilitated import of Excel and CSV files – get from raw data to the results faster using new wizards,
• Extension hub – download extensions created by IBM or SPSS community straight from IBM SPSS Statistics.

New procedures and features in data visualization

Marimekko Chart
100% stacked bar chart, in which bar width is proportional to it's share in total value of selected summary:
• summaries of counts or scale variables,
• option for coloring each segment individually,
• value labels personalization.

Extended capabilities of dashboard procedures:
• generate separate objects for each category,
• customize graphics using wide range of new parameters available via dialog boxes or syntax,
• use one of new attractive forms for bars, thermometers and brick dashboards.

New features in Table coloring procedure:
• color cells according to absolute values,
• discard diagonal from coloring.

Global labels procedure:
• pass variable labels to other procedures for description purposes,
• create description consisting of many labels and/or custom fixed texts.

Create reports in dashboard and document form

Create reports in document form:
• specialized text editor for reports that require broader description of analytical objects,
• broad range of text input, formatting and editing options,
• conveniently insert, refresh or edit analytical objects,
• export finished report to DOCX or PDF format,
• create reports in dashboard and document form simultaneously.

Integration with analytical engine IBM SPSS Statistics 24:
• edit output objects generated in IBM SPSS Statistics without leaving PS IMAGO PRO environment,
• refresh output objects using new data e.g. cyclical reports or ongoing reports such as live survey research projects.

Improved output object management:
• group and categorize output objects for more efficient work with long reports,
• add comments and notes to the output objects and directly use them as titles, footnotes or regular text in the report,
• easily replace all aspects of one object across the whole report,
• sort object lists and search for the objects in order to publish your results faster.

Enhanced automation features

• Prepare and manage automation jobs effortlessly using the graphical user interface
• Define jobs that span the whole process of report preparation (i.e. from raw data to report publication) or automate only selected part of it (i.e. from raw data to output objects generation)
• Schedule jobs to automatically obtain results in set periods of time
• Monitor status of running and finished jobs

New features regarding reports publication

• Active Directory integration
• Allow published report to be accessible by everyone without user login using anonymous mode
• Send automatic notification emails with hyperlink to the new version of the report
• Each and every user may select default language of PS IMAGO Portal’s interface

Central application for Predictive Solutions' products

All components of PS IMAGO PRO and other Predictive Solutions' products accessible from a single place:
• analyze data using PS IMAGO PRO (IBM SPSS Statistics + PS IMAGO Pack + PS IMAGO Pack PRO),
• build reports in PS IMAGO Designer,
• browse reports published in PS IMAGO Portal,
• automate work in PS IMAGO Process,
• configure the solution and manage licenses using PS Activator.


About Predictive Solutions

Predictive Solutions (formerly known as SPSS Polska) has been providing solutions for extracting information from data for 25 years. It offers knowledge and experience together with software and comprehensive solutions for efficient data analysis in business, public administration, research and education.

The solutions use IBM SPSS technologies, whose main distributor in Poland, since 1991, is Predictive Solutions. Dedicated solutions for selected business areas: anti-money laundering (PS AML), customer relationship management (PS ACRM), fraud prevention (PS FRAUD) and others were created based on these technologies. The company also provides original solutions, such as: comprehensive analysis and reporting solutions (PS IMAGO PRO) and case management system (PS SYMOBIS).

From statistics and reporting, to data mining and predictive software, Predictive Solutions helps you use your data to look into the future and make the best decisions.

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